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Partners & Partnerships

Partners & Partnerships

Partnerships are the heart-line of St. Grace Foundation for Education and Development. The Foundation refers as “PARTNERS” to all those individuals, communities, and organizations and departments which join hands for extending program interventions. Beneficiary community, the line departments, national and international donors, the local governments, and other key stake holders from civil society are the best examples of St. Grace Foundation for Education and Development’s Partners.

These partnerships help organization (financially and technically) to achieve its mission. Since its establishment in year 2013; St. Grace Foundation for Education and Development has remained privileged in getting the opportunity to work with a number of sundry partners who not only extended financial support for various projects; but also adequately build the capacity of organisation from different viewpoints.

Memberships & Affiliations

St. Grace Foundation for Education and Development believes that networking, collective efforts, sharing of knowledge, resources and information are a key to the success as for addressing the national and international developmental issues and challenges. Keeping this critical fact in mind; the organization always is currently endeavouring to join all such forums and networks which directly link to its mission and objectives. In this regard; the Foundation has links with the following important networks operating at local and international levels.