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Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) in Uganda stands at 438 per 1000000 live births one of the highest in the world and Namutumba district is one of the districts in Uganda that has one of the poorest maternal mortality ratio (MMR). This is so because Uganda has a high number of unattended births – caused in part by the lack of skilled practitioner, inadequate maternity facilities and lack of children hospital to cater for paediatric cases. According to the UN millennium Development Goal 5, its objective to reduce maternal mortality by three-quarters and provide universal access to reproductive health, hence “No woman should die giving birth.” This can only be achieved when adequate and proper facilities are acquired for the women especially the women and children in Namutumba district who lack these facilities.
In Namutumba, most women prefer going to the tradition birth attendants because when they go to the health centres, they are not accorded the services they deserve. This is the situation St. Grace Foundation for Education and Development wants to change so that women do not lose their lives or their newly born babies because of lack of facilities or attendants.

Vision: A society where poor mothers/women are valued irrespective of their social, physical or health status and enjoy fundamental basic health needs.

Mission: Prevention of maternal and neonatal mortalities.
Goal: By 2025, St. Grace Foundation for Education and Development should reduce the maternal mortality rate in Namutumba District by at least two-thirds from the current baseline


  • To create a medical practice that will exceed patient’s expectations.
  • To provide high quality health care to the residents of the area.
  • 200 maternity health care patients served by the end of the first 6 months.